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I live on the shore where two of the Great Lakes meet in Northern Ontario Canada and share my life with a husband, children and grand children. I love the outdoors and have been fortunate to live my life as close to nature as possible. I feel most comfortable with paint brush in hand , it truly is my passion but I have had to adjust my way of doing things since a head injury has left me with profound vision loss but in my dreams I see perfectly! I have a great love and respect for this earth and believe we should all leave as small a footprint upon it as possible.Thank you so much for visiting,

Friday, 23 February 2018

just friday,,,

It's a windy cold morning here in Northern Ontario, but not as cold as it has been. Freezing rain is on its way mixed with more snow and ice pellets, lovely.
I'm hoping for spring to soon come to us, its been such a long winter. I made Tortellini soup the other day and this painting of the red barn is where I had first had eaten it on a chilly April day. A barn converted to café and gift shop, a wonderful place to visit, though the café is gone  now my memories carry on. I painted the barn not because of the soup although it was good no, it was the way the barn stood out so proud and straight after years and years of service.I just liked the way it looked framed by the beautiful landscape around it.
 I snapped a photo so I could paint it later .
Its amazing how food can hold such clear memories isn't it.
We are really quite simple basic creatures when it comes right down to it.
We live such complicated lives, mostly by our own doing but it really is quite basic what we need in life.
We need food, warmth, water and love.

and the red canoe in our special place I painted in this painting lol.
I couldn't live without that!

I've linked this recipe for the soup but to be honest I never used this, I just fly by the seat of my pants when making soup, I never use a recipe. I found this one and its close to mine but we never really do the same recipe twice when making soup do we,,
just use what we have.
Is that the way you make soup?

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

whisper of spring,

Although the temperatures and landscape say winter there are tiny glimpses of spring,
its just a whisper at this point but there is a promise of what will come.

Twin goats were born on the coldest night of the year and its amazing they survive, minus 32 degrees Celsius it was that night.
My son sent the photos to show us his new additions to the herd.
Its a nine hour drive straight north from us to visit him and with the weather we have the highway is closed frequently. Not a good drive, we will go in spring.

The crows are mating right now so they put on crazy acrobatic show everyday in the Spruce trees in our back yard.
A Raven came to join the commotion on Friday and the Crows chased him away. Very territorial they are! People confuse the Raven and Crow quite often but when found side by side the difference is quite obvious, the size, the beak, and the tail feathers are all quite different.

The Swallows haven't returned yet but will be soon, its much too cold for insects here so there would be no food for them, its amazing how they know when to return. The Swallows are such a joy to watch, they are the most talented flyers, dipping and diving, somersaulting in mid air, all the while intent on seeking out their next mouthful of newly hatched insects that only spring brings.
Nature is such a marvel with the perfectly planned sequence of growth, providing food all the way down the food chain.
Do the Swallows know the joy they bring to us as they dance across the evening sky?
Probably not,, they are just trying to survive. Completely oblivious to our frivolous enjoyment. Much more important missions on their minds.

The benches where we walk are not easy to get to now but  we walked here yesterday and if you step off the packed trail you sink in three feet of snow!
I found this out the hard way.
Stay on the path!!

One of our favourite benches still buried in snow.
We bring a flask of tea and lunch here every week from Spring til Fall. We call it our bench and its strange but we have never had to seek another, its always free when we need it.
Just like magic lol

The freezing ice pellets that came with the morning have now turned to snow.
Where oh where is spring?
Its just a whisper but its coming.

Monday, 19 February 2018

it all started with a bowl of peas.

I was trying to take the orange juice from the refrigerator on Saturday and I spilled a bowl of peas that the lid wasn't pushed down properly.
Peas spilled everywhere inside the fridge so I removed everything so I could give it a good cleaning and as I was moving things from the fridge to counter someone moved the counter.
It has happened before, I think I'm setting things down properly on the counter only to have them crash to the floor.
Ok so no one moved the counter,, my eyes failed me, my spidey senses left me momentarily and to the floor came crashing down, 
Get ready for this,,,,
one jar homemade sauerkraut and one jar pickled eggs.
Oh yes,
could it be worse?
The jars smashed into a hundred pieces when coming in contact with stone tile floor, spilling the powerful odorous smelling contents all over and under the refrigerator.

My husband loves pickled eggs and he makes them all the time.
Fermented foods are important for healthy bellies and my mother made huge containers of Sauerkraut regularly, I make jars of it in small portions.
It's easy to make,  I don't have a written recipe, I just do what my mother did but I found a link very much like how we make it.
I don't always use caraway, and sometimes I add red cabbage, or carrot but the procedure is the same.
Most important is sterilize everything, cleanliness is important and to keep the sauerkraut submerge beneath the brine by a weight, I use a rock covered in saran wrap but I see they have fancy fermenting sets you can buy,, really all you need is a jar , a weight , cabbage and salt.
Its just that easy.
Second important advice,, never ever drop on stone tile floor , if you do just walk away, move,, thats all just move.
Cleaning it up once smashed all over the floor is not that easy and its the worst stinky mess ever.
Enough said.